Cheshire North West Race Infomation

Transponders can be purchased from HS Sports on 01260 275 708 or ... Click this picture link to visit the HS Sports Web-Site for more details ...

HS Sports

CNWSSC would like to inform all riders that we are a fully transponder running club. These are avaliable to hire at the meeting.


With competitively priced entry fee’s, the most cost effective method of competing in this championship is to join the club and get your A.C.U licence application form. For those of you that have not held an A.C.U licence before, visit


The tried and proven format for all schoolboy classes will stay much the same continuing with the reduced entry fee for our youngest riders

(auto’s £20.00), separate 65’s race, sw/bw 85’s will run separate as long as there are enough entered on the day,

Trophies for all autos, top 10 in 65’s and top 6 in 85’s, prize money for the top three in the schoolboy class.


The Adult groups are Adult A & Adult B. Prize money top 3 Adult A, Voucher top 3 Adult B, 15 minute races, and an opportunity to qualify for end of year championship.

We hope to make this a great season with some excellent racing on some of the premier tracks in the North-West!


You will need an ACU Licence if you want to race all season, or we can do an ACU Day licence for you . (£15)

( )

Again you can join the CNWSSC club if you plan racing all year ( £25 )


We have classes from Auto’s; (£20) 65cc Juniors; (£30) 85cc Small Wheel and 85cc Big Wheel, for Schoolboys 125 the age is from 13 to 17, Schoolboys Open the age is from 14 to 17 and racing on a 125 Two Stroke or 250F Four Stroke.


For Adult ‘A’  and Adult ‘B’  this is age 15 onwards with both classes having a mixture of 125 / 250 / 500 Two stroke and 250F / 450F Four Stroke.

The Adult A class is FAST … the Adult B class is better if you’re under the age of 40. ( and it lets you ride at your own pace )


For age 40 Plus we also have the ‘VETS’ class … again this is a mixture of Beginners to Expert but it’s fun and again you can ride at you own pace on any bike you choose.

So, if your under 40 you will be in the Adult A or Adult B class or Over 40 you can ride either Adult A / Adult B or the ‘VETS’ !

( The Vet Class does get quite full )


The race price for all these classes on the day is £35 plus £15 ACU ‘Day Licence’ …

£50 for the day.


We don’t lap score anymore so Race Numbers are just for show and you can pick your own.

We run transponders but these are optional, if you’re not bothered about being in the results you won’t need one. ( ) to hire from us is ( with a credit card or driving licence left with us as a deposit ) £10 but we only have 35 so it’s first come first served.



Ring or text our lovely Helen ( 07926 080 672 ) to book with your name, class and transponder ID